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Real Impact

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PAST - In Vivo - Loco Locass is an interactive CD/CD-ROM. Yes, you may rap with your computer mouse in it and experience interactive videos and sounds. More incredible, we made Loco Locass rap in English. It was recognized by awards over 3 continents.

CURRENT - Coming soon. Launch in Fall 2023.

FUTURE - Your project might aim to help or improve an aspect of the world. Together we can push limits. Success comes with proper planning. It involves brainstorms, thinking, improving ideas on plan, then - once established - deliver the best execution possible within the budget and timeline. No need to be fully prepared to engage in a discussion with us. We appreciate learning about new ideas early in the process. Why not contact us now?

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CURRENT - Fraternity - A double vinyl record personal project. Over 2h of texts and chants. Note: I'm currently looking for people to create the music. I aim for an hybrid A/D-A-A production. 

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