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Groove Grave Music Video
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PAST - Groove Grave is our first music video. It remained Nb.1 at MusiquePlus for 3 months mostly due to the quality of Loco Locass lyrics animations that were rare in rap at that time and that really help to understand the message. Notice Bureau here did an amazing job. When you know that this video was produced at a friendly price for the record company, you realize that success can be reached at any budget.

CURRENT - "Gilles, Architecte" is a documentary on my father architect. One hour and a half of condensed experience revealed for the younger generation of architects. One of the most fulfilling project I had to do that allowed me to rediscover my father through his professional career. 

FUTURE - Your project might aim to help or improve an aspect of the world. Together we can push limits. Success comes with proper planning. It involves brainstorms, thinking, improving ideas on plan, then - once established - deliver the best execution possible within the budget and timeline. No need to be fully prepared to engage in a discussion with us. We appreciate learning about new ideas early in the process. Why not contact us now?

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