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Real Impact

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PAST - The first dental instrument sterilization procedure; All explained in a simple brochure in 12 Steps with all the scientific references. It took 6 months to produce. Universities and dental cabinets were ordering the brochure for years. It most likely saved numerous lives in our society and continues to do so.

PAST - The first print ad of Canada's first interactive ad agency. "Il ne suffit pas d'être en ligne" is a double entendre meaning "It isn't enough to be online" + "It isn't enough to be in line". In a time when corporations were not doing SEO, neither promotion online of their websites, it shook the market and flipped the game. Budgets started to come as we won awards. A note here, we didn't hesitate to use a horror theme for the ad which is rare and risky but it paid off. People were a bit afraid of the Internet. 

FUTURE - Your project might aim to help or improve an aspect of the world. Together we can push limits. Success comes with proper planning. It involves brainstorms, thinking, improving ideas on plan, then - once established - deliver the best execution possible within the budget and timeline. No need to be fully prepared to engage in a discussion with us. We appreciate learning about new ideas early in the process. Why not contact us now?

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